The entire team at Digital City Productions did an outstanding job shooting the promotional video for our dealership, Ferrari of Austin. Their level of professionalism coupled with their understanding of exactly what we wanted was quite impressive. The Ferrari brand is known for its legendary performance along with its undeniable exclusivity—Digital City Productions could not have done better in conveying this. But what was truly impressive was their turn around time! What would take about a month or so to produce they completed in two weeks with the same level of quality. Wonderful work guys!

I’ve had the privilege of working with Digital City Productions for the past 2 creative videos, and it has been an effortless flow of ideas and execution. And that to me is a beautiful thing. It is important that the experience of promoting one’s business via video is a fun and easy process. Kyle and the team definitely fulfilled both of these aspects and more. Their innate talent for being able to bring seemingly unrelated pieces together to form something amazing is like me watching an Alchemist at work. Highly recommend them. You won’t regret it!

We can not say enough good things about Digital City Productions and their professionalism from beginning to end. They did a fantastic job capturing what Zed’s Restaurant’s Jazz Brunch is all about including Jeff Loftons’ weekly performance. I would highly recommend them! Thank you very much!

I had such a great time working with the Digital City team. They run a professional and very respectful set. That said, they were also a lot of fun! We finished ahead of schedule, so we decided to shoot a short improv section that made its way into the final product. Overall, I have only good things to say. Thanks guys!

Sarah Danko; Actress