Levar Manuel
Producer / Assistant Director 512-879-8239

As a child, Levar always loved performance art. From music to acting and everything in between, he knew that at some point, he wanted that to be his life. Levar joined the Army after finishing high school and used that as an opportunity to figure out his gameplan. After serving for four years, he decided that his next move would be to Austin, TX due to the already established live music scene and the up-and-coming film scene. Since moving here 15 years ago, Levar has worked on a variety of projects both in front of the camera and behind it. After getting a sense for how a set is run, and what it takes to create a successful production, Levar tried his hand and producing his own projects for clients. He soon found that after experiencing productions in front of the camera as an actor and musician, he now had an all-encompassing perspective that he could use to truly interpret the client’s vision on-screen. Serving as Producer proved to be the best fit for his talents, and as result, Levar has chosen to pursue this tract exclusively for small businesses and burgeoning musicians.